Tasks scheduling in Node.js

In this post I will describe several ways of scheduling tasks in Node.js using standard JavaScript methods like setTimeout() and setInterval(), but also some libraries like Bree or cron with a way more sophisticated scheduling configuration mechanisms.

GIF image creation in Go tutorial

I would like to share with you a straightforward and elegant way of creating GIF images in Go programming language. Many developers are afraid of images creation or manipulation. However, as you will see, generation of GIF images using out-of-the-box Go libraries is just fun.

Sorting techniques in Go

In this post I am sharing a few interesting sorting techniques in Go.

Sorting is one of the most common operations in many programs. Many programming languages provide support to the sorting problem. Go is not an exception in this field. The out-of-the-box sort package provides a mechanism to perform in-place sorting of any collection implementing sort.Interface.

Clock angle problem in Go

Explanation of a frequently asked interview question regarding the clock angle problem. Provided implementation in Go programming language.

How to get object keys for true values in JavaScript

In this post, I would like to share a few easy ways of extracting keys from an object for truthy values in JavaScript. This kind of problem is quite common. The following examples will help you select the best solution for your case and save you time.

Clock angle problem in Java

Explanation and a detailed solution to a frequently asked interview question regarding the clock angle problem. Presented implementation in Java.

Random values in JavaScript and Node.js

There are several different ways of generating random values in Node.js. Some methods use only base JavaScript functions; others require additional modules. Generated values also differ from method to method. Some may return only numbers whereas others return a Base64 string or UUIDs.